Spinal Exercise Video #3


Doing these exercises up to 3 times per week may be good for your HEALTH.

Only perform to tolerance. If there is any increased pain stop the stretch. It may be appropriate to work through some pains under the guidance of a health care professional who has expertise in functional rehabilitation.

If there is any burning pain in to the legs, stop the activity.

Spend about 15 minutes at a time doing the exercises.

Perform all 6 of these exercises and make notes in your booklet.

Did 1 side feel different than the other when stretching?

Did you feel tightness in your pecs?

Did you have pain in your back when bending backwards?

Did you have any radiating pain into your legs with the activities? (if so, stop the exercise)

Mark the ones you have difficulty with and work on them until the next lesson.

"...as an orthopedic surgeon, it is refreshing to see advances for the treatment of chronic back pain and herniated discs. It just so happens this medical technology is helping doctor and patient alike. - Anthony Melillo, M.D., Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon