DRX9000 Info


Spinal decompression is a treatment using a device to reduce pressure within the intervertebral disc to allow the disc to begin healing. Spinal decompression often needs to be combined with active rehabilitation protocols to reduce the mechanical abnormalities that contribute to the onset of disc injuries and disc pain. The combination of this active rehabilitation and the decompression modality itself yields results into the 90% percentile as it relates to achieving the goal of treatment. It is not always possible to relieve 100% of a persons pain, the goal is to improve quality of life as much as possible and then teach the patient how to maintain that progress through home exercises, postural awareness, safety awareness at home and work, etc.

Below you will find an explanation of Spinal Decompression using the DRX9000 by a neurosurgeon out of Dallas.

It is important to realize in our office Spinal Decompression is not used as a stand alone modality but always combined with other treatment approaches to restore function to the person’s spine. This multi modality approach does not have any specific studies as the study design would be difficult and double blindedness is not possible with physical medicine approaches. Feel free to explore our testimonials page to see anecdotal accounts of success in this program.

As of 2-2-2012 we have had 630 patients in the program with 24 of those needing to have surgery due to failure of the treatment.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact our office.

"...as an orthopedic surgeon, it is refreshing to see advances for the treatment of chronic back pain and herniated discs. It just so happens this medical technology is helping doctor and patient alike. - Anthony Melillo, M.D., Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon